Putnam Village

Wallingford Valley
Hot Off the Press:

Special Assessment Notice for the Installation of

Seven “Backflow Preventers”

All homeowners at Putnam Village received a notice about a Special Assessment to each homeowner for the installation of seven Backflow Preventers in our Village.   That notice lacked some important information that should have been included.


The first thing that should be noted is that the Nether Providence Township Requirement for the installation of Backflow Preventers in our main potable water service lines came as a surprise to the Council and as a result was not budgeted for in this year’s budget. Since the Township requires that we do this installation this year, we have been forced to resort to the use of a Special Assessment to pay for it.


If you would like more information about "Backflow Preventers" you can Google the term and learn all about them.  In general, they are installed to ensure that potable water can only flow in one direction. There are many types of backflow prevention devices but they all, no matter the type, protect clean water lines from being contaminated by wastewater.


While we regret having to resort to the use of a Special Assessment to pay for these township required installations, there was no alternative.

For information on how to pay the Special Assessment go to the "For Residents Only" section under Special Assessments.

Please go to the Management Co. webpage to see important information about the new "Owners Portal" website that CAMCO has developed to better communicate with Putnam homeowners.
Dog Walking & Waste Cleanup:

The Council would like to thank all dog owners who responsibly walk and clean up after their dogs.  Below is a review of those rules and a map that shows the "designated" areas that dog walking is permitted.  Please review these documents.