Putnam Village

Wallingford Valley
Hot Off the Press:

Dear Putnam Village Homeowner,

We ask that everyone be aware of the potential threat of construction material theft during our current roofing project. Please report anything suspicious in the area, such as loading plywood into a pick-up truck that does not have the “Tull Contracting” logo on it.  A photo of the Tull Contracting truck is below. Please notify the police by dialing 911 and CAMCO Management.

Please go to the Management Co. webpage to see important information about the new "Owners Portal" website that CAMCO has developed to better communicate with Putnam homeowners.

TV Disposal: 

There was a post  in Nov 2018 in NextDoor.com that "Boyle Disposal Inc." will take old TV's with a cost of $1.00 per inch with curbside pickup.

Dog Walking & Waste Cleanup:

The Board would like to thank all dog owners who responsibly walk and clean up after their dogs.  Below is a review of those rules and a map that shows the "designated" areas that dog walking is permitted.  Please review these documents.