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Road Construction along Putnam Blvd:

As you may have noticed, there is road construction on Putnam Blvd at the clubhouse/swimming pool area. That construction is the result of an ongoing discussion with our Township Commissioner Robert O’Connor, Township Manager Dave Grady, Chief of Police David Splain and representatives from the Danbury Council, Saybrook Council, Weston Council and our Putnam Council.


As a resident that lives in a building that is directly alongside Putnam Blvd, I have continued to see speeding traffic along Putnam Blvd and people not even slowing down for the stop sign at Putnam Blvd and Saybrook Lane. While the police occasionally monitor that intersection, they generally have more important issues to deal with.

During conversations about this issue with our Township Commissioner Robert O’Connor and how we might be able to reduce the danger that speeding cars present, Robert suggested that I take a look at what the Township has done in another neighborhood with a similar problem. He suggested that I look at two “speed humps” that were installed on Meadow Lane alongside the Wallingford Swim and Racquet Club. When I did that, I was impressed with their effectiveness in slowing the traffic down and presented the idea to our Council. We agreed to pursue the issue.

Just so that everyone understands what we are talking about. “Speed Humps” are different than “Speed Bumps.” A speed bump is a very short bump that makes cars slow down to around 5 mph to safely go over them. A speed hump is about the same height as a speed bump but it is extended over 10 to 15 feet so that it is a very gradual hump and can be safely negotiated at around 15 mph. So, a “bump” almost makes the driver stop while a “hump” just causes the driver to slow down. And a problem that a bump creates is an issue with snow plowing whereas a hump, because of its gradual rise, allows a snow plow to pass right over it.

The Township wanted to know what other communities along Putnam Blvd thought about installing speed humps. Our CAMCO property manager contacted Danbury, Saybrook and Weston Councils and the only dissention came from Weston’s Council who was not in favor of the proposal.

The Current Plan:

Recently the Township Commissioners voted to approve the proposed installation and they agreed to install three speed humps along Putnam Blvd between Moore Road and the stop sign on Putnam Blvd. The one that is being worked on right now is at the Clubhouse/Pool area. It will be a combination “raised walkway” and speed hump to increase the safety of residents crossing the street to get to the pool. There will be two additional speed humps installed along the straight section of Putnam Blvd between Moore Road and the Clubhouse/Pool area.

It is our hope that these installations will reduce the risk that speeding cars present to other drivers and pedestrians. And that it will also discourage drivers from using Putnam Blvd as a short cut around the stop light at Moore Road and Brookhaven Road.

And I’d like to personally thank Commissioner Robert O’Connor for his ongoing efforts to move these safety issues forward.

Walter Antkiewicz

President, Putnam Village Council


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Dog Walking & Waste Cleanup:

The Council would like to thank all dog owners who responsibly walk and clean up after their dogs.  Below is a review of those rules and a map that shows the "designated" areas that dog walking is permitted.  Please review these documents.