Putnam Village
Wallingford Valley

Disposal of Heavy/Large Items:

In years past, Nether Providence Township provided a Heavy/Large Trash Pickup service that required a pick-up fee. That service has been discontinued and now heavy trash pickup is provided by private hauling companies.

The cost of this private service is generally dependent on the size and type of the trash object and the cost of this service is the responsibility of the homeowner of the trash, not the Putnam Village Condo Association.

The procedures provided in the links below should make disposal of  your Heavy/Large Trash as simple as possible.

The "Pickup Slips" identify the owner of the trash item, the contracted hauler, the date the hauler will pickup the item and should be attached to the trash item.  If the trash item is very large and would make access to the trash bins inside the enclosure difficult, it is recommended that the item be placed 'beside' the trash enclosure not inside it.