Putnam Village
Wallingford Valley

Snow Removal:
Please read the "Guidelines" above.

The first two photos below show one of our parking lots where the "Winter Storm Guidelines" have been followed.

The parking lot is cleared of cars before the plows arrive and are parked along Putnam Blvd so they won't interfere with plowing and salt treatments.

To accomplish this throughout the Village, we need one resident from each building to volunteer as a "Snow Captain."  The Snow Captain has  the responsibility to notify their neighbors that the snow plows are in the parking lot or are coming shortly and that people should clean snow off of their cars and move them to Putnam Blvd. 

To volunteer as a "Snow Captain" please email your contact information to Julia Robbins at our Management Company and she will provide you with helpful information. 

Call 484-534-3950

Thank you.